Issue Briefs

Use the following housing issue briefs to help explain housing needs and solutions to candidates, elected officials, and neighbors.

1. Virginia Housing Trust Fund

The Virginia Housing Trust Fund enables and encourages private investment in housing. Communities across Virginia benefit when housing is developed and improved with quality standards in mind and created and accessible for all residents. The Virginia Housing Trust Fund helps residents revitalize their communities and increases opportunities for people to move to homes where they can live healthy, productive lives.

Virginia Housing Trust Fund issue brief (PDF)

2. Housing Supportive Services and Permanent Supportive Housing

With targeted investments in evidence-based homeless service delivery models, Virginia has seen a 33% decrease in homelessness since 2010 and an effective end to veteran homelessness. Yet as of January 2017, there are still over 6,000 Virginians experiencing homelessness. Investments in Permanent Supportive Housing and wrap-around supportive services have been critical to the progress Virginia has made in addressing homelessness. Many of those experiencing chronic homelessness struggle with substance abuse, or serious mental illness and need support services along with housing opportunities to remain stably housed.

HSS/PSH issue brief (PDF)

3. Energy Efficiency and Housing Affordability

The monthly utility bill is a significant part of the average family’s housing cost. For lower income households, the cost of keeping warm in the winter or cool in the summer can quickly turn housing from affordable to unaffordable. The periods of extreme heat in Virginia this summer offer a clear example. Many lower income households will need to make the choice between staying cool or paying their rent. For seniors especially, it can become a serious health and safety issue when the temperature soars. The good news is that we know how to make housing more energy efficient and we have an experienced industry capable of taking on that task – but we need to increase the number of homes that are weatherized each year.

Energy Efficiency issue brief (PDF)