Issue Briefs 2018

Use these issue briefs to discuss our federal housing priorities with your neighbors and elected officials.

  1. Homeless Programs and Funding
    The federal government’s policy, programmatic and funding efforts have been instrumental in helping to reduce the experience of homelessness nationwide. Through the passage of the first major piece of legislation addressing homelessness in 1987, Congress must continue playing a key role in combating homelessness by continuing to fund HUD Budget items and innovative solutions such as Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). 

    Homeless Programs and Funding Issue Brief (PDF)

  2. HUD Budget
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is tasked with the responsibility to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes.  This mission touches the lives of tens of thousands of Virginians each year. 

    HUD budget Issue Brief (PDF)

  3. Fair Housing
    The Fair Housing Act is critical to ending discriminatory housing practices and correcting the long-term effects of structural and institutional barriers to housing choice. 

    Fair Housing Issue Brief (PDF)

  4. Low Income Housing Tax Credit
    The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) is the largest, longest standing federal program that is focused on the creation and preservation of affordable rental housing.  The LIHTC program was created by the 1986 tax reform act and has been the key federal rental housing program for over 30 years.  The program provides a subsidy to for profit and non-profit developers of affordable rental housing. Generally, housing assisted through LIHTC must have rents that are affordable to households with incomes less than 60%.

    LIHTC Issue Brief: District 1 (PDF)
    LIHTC Issue Brief: District 2 (PDF)
    LIHTC Issue Brief: District 3 (PDF)
    LIHTC Issue Brief: District 4 (PDF)
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