District Fact Sheets 2018

In 2018, CHACE is planning meetings with candidates and incumbents running in all 11 Virginia congressional districts. We are also meeting with senatorial candidates/incumbents. Below you will find district specific data sheets we’ve put together for these meetings.

Statewide Fact Sheet

Statewide fact sheet (PDF)

Virginia Congressional District Fact Sheets

District 1
CD-1 fact sheet (PDF)

District 2
CD-2 fact sheet (PDF)

District 3
Coming Soon!

District 4
CD-4 fact sheet (PDF)

District 5
Coming Soon!

District 6
CD-6 fact sheet (PDF)

District 7
CD-7 fact sheet (PDF)

District 8
CD-8 fact sheet (PDF)

District 9
CD-9 fact sheet  (PDF)

District 10
CD-10 fact sheet (PDF)

District 11
CD-11 fact sheet (PDF)