The Campaign for Housing and Civic Engagement is a statewide campaign to raise awareness of housing issues,  launched in 2017 in coordination with the Housing Week of Action, a nationwide effort sponsored by Our Homes, Our Voices.

CHACE’s Mission: to inform voters, elected officials, and candidates at all levels of government on the importance of quality homes for Virginians at all income levels.


Federal Funding Priorities

In 2018, CHACE will be advocating for the protection and expansion of federal housing funding sources:

  • The HUD budget
  • Federal homelessness response efforts
  • The Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Engagement Strategies

CHACE will advance its mission in the first phase (through April 2018) by:

  • Following up with newly elected officials on CHACE’s platform issues
  • Building stronger partnerships with organizations
  • Developing a platform for federal housing issues
  • Identifying priority races
  • Examining local elections
  • Developing a plan for increasing voter registration

Supporting Organizations

CHACE is a collaboration between housing advocates and providers throughout Virginia working to bring housing issues to the forefront of state elections. The initial supporting organizations include:

Organizations added in 2018