Both Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates State Their Support of the Virginia Housing Trust Fund at VOICE Forum

VOICE recently hosted a forum where they asked the Gubernatorial candidates to support their issue priorities. One of VOICE’s priorities is to increase the annual allocation of the Virginia Housing Trust Fund. Below is the original VOICE ask followed by the candidate responses.

VOICE’s Ask: “Housing that is affordable for workers & families.  Support building affordable housing on publicly owned land (local, state, and federal) and increase the VA Housing Trust Fund annual allocation from $4M to $25M over the next 4 years.  For the health of our economy and working families, Northern VA needs more housing that is affordable. Our counties lag far behind their regional peers in addressing the need for and investing in affordable housing. Too many Virginians including our police officers, teachers, health care workers, child care workers, military & many others are paying more than 40% of their salary for housing and/or must live hours from where they work.”

Ed Gillespie’s response “I ​am ​proud ​of ​the ​volunteer ​service ​my ​wife, ​Cathy, ​has ​given ​on ​the ​Board ​of ​Good Shepherd ​Housing. ​I ​visited ​with ​the ​Southside ​Housing ​and ​Community ​Development Corporation ​in ​Richmond, ​an ​early ​visit ​in ​my ​campaign. ​Housing ​is ​critically ​important ​-in ​many ​ways, ​housing ​is ​the ​lynchpin ​of ​our ​economy. ​I ​support ​the ​Housing ​Trust ​Fund as ​it ​plays ​an ​important ​role ​in ​ensuring ​affordable ​housing ​throughout ​our Commonwealth.”

Ralph Northam’s response “As governor, I will support policies that ensure that all Virginians have access to safe and stable homes. The availability and affordability of housing is an important issue affecting the lives of Virginians across the state. Rents across Virginia have risen faster than incomes in recent years, meaning more families struggle to keep up with the cost of housing while covering other living expenses. Many can only find homes in their budget that are long distances from where they work, straining Virginia’s roads and highways. As governor, I’ll fight to protect and increase funds going to the Housing Trust Fund, which encourages private and public investment into housing for low income, elderly, and disabled Virginians. This helps Virginians live in the communities of their choice, while simultaneously relieving a corresponding need in increased public housing construction.”


Link to the VOICE forum statements and candidate responses


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