Introducing CHACE

Did you know that Virginia will elect a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and entire House of Delegates this November? The Campaign for Housing and Civic Engagement (CHACE) is here to help those candidates understand why housing matters to every Virginian, and what they can do as elected officials to bring housing opportunities to all.

What and who is CHACE?

The Campaign for Housing and Civic Engagement is a statewide campaign to raise awareness of housing issues during Virginia’s 2017 election season, launched in coordination with the Housing Week of Action, a nationwide effort sponsored by Our Homes, Our Voices.

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Which housing issues are the focus of CHACE?

  • Increase funding for the Virginia Housing Trust Fund
  • More investment in housing supportive services
  • Expanding residential energy efficiency programs

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How can I help CHACE advance housing issues in Virginia?

You can use our issue briefs, housing fact sheets, and messaging guides to begin a conversation with candidates and neighbors about why housing matters. If you or your organization wants to partner with CHACE, contact us here.